And the Winners Are…

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The Los Angeles Animation Festival is proud to announce the following winners for 2018:

Best of the Fest – Floreana (USA) Louis Morton 

Best Feature – North of Blue (USA) Joanna Priestly


Best Comedy 1st Place – Animal Behaviour (Canada) Alison Snowden & David Fine

Best Comedy 2nd Place – ‘F’ for Formula  (USA) Santino Vitale 

Best Comedy 3rd Place – Telling People You’re Native (USA) Joey Clift


Best Motion Graphics – Equipoise (USA) Simo Liu 

Best Motion Graphics 2nd Place – A Logo Creation (Spain) Adolfo Ruiz  

Best Motion Graphics 3rd Place – The Soul of a Circle (USA) Jonathan Lacocque 


Best Short from a Series 1st Place  Lullaby Theories: A Secret (USA) Jonathan Lacocque & Clara Lehmann   

Best Short from a Series 2nd Place  & Black & White (Croatia) Darko Bakliza 


Best Documentary 1st Place – New York City Sketchbook (USA) Willy Hartland 

Best Documentary 2nd Place – Story of Aishan (China) Hong Jia Bao

Best Documentary 3rd Place – Changyou’s Journey (USA) Perry Chen


Best Character-Based 1st Place – Little Bandits (USA) Alex Avagimian

Best Character-Based 2nd Place  Billie (UK) Maki Yoshikura

Best Character-Based 3rd Place – Daisy (USA) Yu Yu


Best Experimental 1st Place  Floreana (USA) Louis Morton

Best Experimental 2nd Place -The Elephant’s Song (USA) Lynn Tomlinson  

Best Experimental 3rd Place – Medium Rare (USA) Luca Cioci 


Best Music Video 1st Place  – Emulate-Okay Kaya (USA) Daniel Zvereff 

Best Music Video 2nd Place –  Celebrating Mister Rogers (USA) Melissa Crowton, Olivia Huynh & Drew Hodges 

Best Music Video 3rd Place – Signal (Republic of Korea) Hwang Ji Lee


Award of Excellence (Presented by Sangaria Ramune)  Tectonic (USA) Ed Skudder


Humanitarian Award  Land of the Free (USA) USC Documentary Animation Production class: Alissa Michelle Brasington, Liam Campbell, Brian Cawley, Lakota DodgingHorse, Ken Egu, C. Leigh Goldsmith, Haley Hudkins, Hannah Kreiswirth, Kaitlyn Leewing, Sequoyah Madison, Molly Murphy, Patrice Pinardo, Chenglin Xie


Best Direction  Animal Behaviour (Canada) Alison Snowden & David Fine

Best Story – The Magical Mystery of Musigny (USA) John Meyer

Best Character Design  Happy Foot vs. Sad Foot (USA) Mike Hollingsworth 

Best Art Direction  Unexpected Discoveries (USA) James Mabery


Best Design 1st Place – Diving In A Sea Of Light (USA) Micah Buzan  

Best Design 2nd Place – Serph-Sparkle (Japan) Taro Otani 

Best Design 3rd Place  Carlotta’s Face (Germany) Valentin Riedl, Frédéric Schuld


Best Commercial 1st Place – Voicing CSA: The Mouse (UK) Aaron Wood

Best Commercial 2nd Place – The Story of Our Workflow (Malaysia) Alex Safavinia

Best Horror Comedy  Spider vs. the Living Dead (USA) Scott DaRos

Best Clay Animation – The Mud (USA) Brandon Lake

Best Classic Animation Style – Embraced (France) Justine Vuylsteker

Best Mixed Media Animation – The Lineman (USA) Jay Shipman

Best Traditional 2D Animation  Bad Tuna (USA) Deena Baum

Best CGI Animation – Final_Final (Canada) Matt Greenwood

Best Illustrative Animation  The Backward Astronomer (UK) Jake Nelson

Best Cut-Out Animation  Concatenate (Canada) Simone Northey


Best Children’s Animation 1st Place – Mi Abuelita (Guatemala) Giselle Pérez  

Best Children’s Animation 2nd Place – Limbo (USA) Jennifer Stachovic 

Best Children’s Animation 3rd Place – A Priori (France) Maïté Schmitt 


Best Student Comedy – Barry  (USA) Anchi Shen

Best Student Direction – Descent (USA) Hailey Katelynn Marshall

Best Student Mixed Media Animation – Relation.Ship (USA) Zoey Lin

Best Student Stop Motion Animation – All the Way Down (USA) Chun Chun Chang