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Brad Bird is “gratified” by the continued popularity of “The Iron Giant”

Posted March 08th, 2012, 3:03 PM by Terri Schwartz

It’s hard to believe that it’s been 13 years since “The Iron Giant” first charmed audiences in theaters. The movie launched the career of beloved filmmaker Brad Bird, who has gone on to write and direct such projects as “The Incredibles” and “Ratatouille,” as well as helm last year’s “Mission: Impossible — Ghost Protocol” (his first live action feature).

“The Iron Giant” is being honored with a charity screening tomorrow at the Los Angeles Animation Festival, and Bird and actors Christopher McDonald and Eli Marienthal are expected to be in attendance. IFC had the chance to catch up with Bird in anticipation of the screening to talk to him about “The Iron Giant” more than a decade after it was first released.

IFC: You must be excited about “The Iron Giant” screening tomorrow night at the Animation Festival.

BRAD BIRD: It’s so awesome getting an opportunity to see it again on a large screen with an audience.

IFC: Did you expect that this film would be as popular now as it was when it came out?

BIRD: That’s what you hope for. You want these things to last. I think all of us who made it are gratified that it has.

IFC: How would you say animated filmmaking has changed since you did “The Iron Giant”?

BIRD: At the time that “Iron Giant” was done, Disney was considered really kind of the only place that could be really successful at it. I mean, Pixar was successful. They had done like two films at that point. Pixar’s second film, “A Bug’s Life,” came out the same year as “Iron Giant.” Because that was released by Disney, that was kind of included under the Disney umbrella. Now I think people think very differently about animation. Many different studios have had successful animation releases, and it’s considered more a part of the mainstream movie diet than it was when we made “Iron Giant.”


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Thanks to all our volunteers, TOM KENNY, NYLON PINK, everyone who attended and of course SHREK!

SHREK & NYLON PINK (photography by Wilki W.K. Tom)


SHREK & NYLON PINK  (photography by Wilki W.K. Tom)


TOM KENNY  (photography by Wilki W.K. Tom)


(photography by Wilki W.K. Tom)

NYLON PINK rocking during the Opening Night Party  (photography by Wilki W.K. Tom)

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This is the last compilation trailer we’ll be making – we’ll be too busy having fun at the theater!  Enjoy – and see you all at the movies.


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Meet SHREK, up close, in-person on the Opening Night (Wed 7th march).  Plus celebrate the 10th Anniversary of the first ever OSCAR win for Best Animated Film category – and watch a beautiful 35mm print of the original SHREK on the big screen too.  What more could you wish for?  Well, you could meet the SHREK film series Producer ARON WARNER as he receives a special commemorative LAAF Award.  March 11th Sunday, 2.00pm.



Meet SHREK in the theater on Opening Night.

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Creative genius chock full of character, comedy and commentary — that’s Phil Hendrie.  Famous for concocting a cast of fictional characters, all of whom he plays on air while simultaneously serving as host of his national talk radio program.

By 2006, Ph
il was ready to explore the next chapter of his career — acting in front of the camera.  He departed from radio and quickly added to his resume which already included Trey Parker’s and Matt Stone’s motion picture, Team America:  World Police.  And it is this film that we are proud to screen for one night only – in glorious 35mm.

Phil will be on hand before the screening as will the film’s puppeteers, the CHIODO BROS. and a surprise guest or two.

It’s one hell of a funny movie, and the pre-film entertainment will be equally as entertaining.  Get ready for a late night movie experience you’ll never forget.




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An achingly sad anti-war film, Grave of the Fireflies is one of Studio Ghibli’s most profoundly beautiful, haunting works.  It gets a 96% positive rating on Rotten Tomatoes.


“An emotional experience so powerful that it forces a rethinking of animation.” ROGER EBERT


“One of the greatest anime ever, but also an important (anti-) war film. A moving masterpiece.”  DANIEL ETHERINGTON (Film4)


“Picking a favourite Studio Ghibli film is near impossible for most fans. My Neighbour Totoro, Princess Mononoke, Spirited Away, Ponyo and Porco Rosso come very close as personal favourites for me but I think Grave of the Fireflies is undoubtedly their greatest and most powerful achievement. It’s rare that any film can have such an emotional impact as Grave of the Fireflies does, whether it’s real or animation but rarely does an animated film provoke such feelings. Along with Watership Down, Grave of the Fireflies really did push the boundaries when it came to the power of cartoons and showed just how important animation is in cinema. A heartbreaking film, historically important, wonderfully executed and rightfully regarded as a masterpiece. Not a typical Studio Ghibli production but as brilliant as you’d expect from them.” ANTHONY LAWRIE



Selected by this year’s ARTISTIC DIRECTOR, SEAN LENNON, the LOS ANGELES FILM FESTIVAL is having a rare Japanese 35mm print flown in just for this screening.  We think you simply can’t miss this film.  A rare chance to see one of the greatest animated films of all time on the big screen.  We hope you agree with us.  And thank you, Sean, for selecting this masterpiece.

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Tom Kenny is  an actor, comedian & all-around talent with a long history of voice work – including most of the break-out cartoons of Cartoon Network, Nickelodeon, Disney and others. He’s also a big big fan of animation – from both classic TV and cinema.  A collector, armchair historian & trivia buff, Tom is best known to legions of fans the world over as the voice of SpongeBob. But he is also a main voice on such classics as Power Puff Girls, Dexter’s Lab, Rocko’s Modern Life, Camp Lazlo, Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends and, frankly, many many more.  Not only was he a regular on HBO’s breakthrough comedy Mr. Show but also a featured voice in many animated movies – including last year’s Winnie the Pooh.

So it gives us great please to announce that he is the official host of THE LOS ANGELES ANIMATION FESTIVAL.

See him and NYLON PINK at the Opening Night Party on March 7th – get tickets while they last – they’re FREE.


The many faces – for the many voices – of TOM KENNY