Tickets are now available for LAAF 2023 (Dec. 9-10) through EVENTBRITE.

World Premiere feature films, short films from the US and across the globe, an evening with some of the greatest voice actors in the business, our own art cafe and one of the best Award Shows in town, LAAF 2023 promises to be our best festival yet.

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Feature Film – 1.00pm – 2.15pm

  • SLIDE – World Premiere of the Latest Cut

Program 1 – 2.20pm – 3.40pm

  • The Better Angels
  • The Voice In The Hollow
  • Snuggleville: Honeymoon’s Over
  • David
  • R.A.K.O The Robot
  • Little Monster
  • Hollywoodland – A Day for Nite Original Short
  • Walk With the Devil
  • Night of the 31st
  • Jelly Baby
  • Beautiful Day
  • Eel’s Treasure
  • The Drawing Room
  • Charity Foundation “The Lighthouse”
  • Ninety-Five Senses

Program 2 – 3.45pm – 5.05pm

  • Vicious Cycle
  • Bolt Action
  • Raise An Animation
  • Perfect City: The Bravest Kid
  • Braided
  • The Sea Lion
  • The Body of a Lesser God
  • Roadkill Jamboree
  • Kilig!
  • Eden
  • Soaked In
  • The Nectar Instead
  • The Golden Egg
  • Pigeonholed
  • Dear Stephen King…
  • Happy Little Birthday

Program 3 – 5.10pm – 6.30pm

  • Hana Meets Hana
  • Weird Helga: Eyelash Wishes
  • The Island of Us
  • The Dumb Bunny & Jackass Show – “Ghost-A-Go-Go”
  • Shrub Oak
  • How to Talk to Kids about Homelessness
  • Hat Dweller
  • Pretty Beef
  • The Land of Boggs: Poop Twin
  • Homecoming
  • Sweet Dreams
  • The Good Advice Cupcake: Forgiveness
  • The Truth About Giving Homeless People Money
  • King of Claws


Night of Cartoon Voices – 7.30pm – 10.30pm

  • Join us for our Opening Night Party event – a night of unscripted voice acting as the biggest names in animated voice acting perform live and unscripted to the most outrageous and inappropriate live-action and animated movie clips ever.
  • Plus a party event for attendees made possible by a donation from animation studio Titmouse, Inc.
  • A live event of improvising voice actors, incl. ERIC BAUZA, known for the voice of BUGS, DAFFY, PORKY and WILE E. COYOTE as well as voice work on TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES; CHERYL CHASE, the long-running voice of Angelica in all of the RUGRATS seasons, spinoffs and features; and, for the first time on a voice panel TRACY GRANDSTAFF, the memorable voice of DARIA on MTV’s long-running series. 
  • In addition there will be a special appearance by director/animator MAX WINSTON of Rat Bat Studios whose recent stop-motion animated LOONEY TUNES short DAFFY IN WACKYLAND has been charming audiences in recent festival screenings.


Feature Film – 12.00pm – 1.30pm

  • THE OTHER SHAPE – World Charity Premiere

Program 4 – 1.35pm – 3.00pm

  • Swallow Flying to the South
  • Nubbinwood (DC)
  • Harvey
  • Tomato Kitchen
  • So Long, Caz!
  • Lipstick of the Brave
  • Weirdos
  • Popcorn!
  • Remember Me 导演纪姮
  • Night Light
  • Chikn Nuggit: Plane
  • No Dialogue
  • Dawn
  • A Plastic Bag

Program 5 – 3.05pm – 4.30pm

  • Take Care
  • A Grain of Sand in the Universe
  • The Torrential Melody
  • Ten Steps
  • MeiHouWang
  • Flutter
  • Strange Acts Of Love
  • Existential
  • The Whippersnappers “Gelatin 4 Ya Melanin”
  • Looker
  • Autumn Leaves
  • The Sun is Always Shining
  • À Toi
  • The Lost Courier
  • The Last Man on Earth Sat Alone in a Room
  • The Rat Rod Formers
  • Rush Hour

Program 6 – 4.35pm – 6.00pm

  • A Paw Over Dark
  • Davey’s Lullaby
  • Welcome to 8th Street
  • Buckets City
  • Aroon
  • The Girl With the Red Beret
  • Okunkun Lo
  • Miles Davis – What’s Love Got to Do With It
  • Solar Eclipse
  • ATM
  • Bird’s Eye View
  • The Space Between Us
  • Mr Nullus from Nusquam
  • Frenzy Fries
  • Overthinking Tea
  • Beardiful Tone
  • Dog Years
  • Flora
  • Believe in Hope
  • Potato Falls
  • 811 Rock (TV commercial)

LAAF 2023 Award Show – 7.30pm – 10.30pm

  • Awards Show with live band and MC. Fundraising for the CANCER SUPPORT COMMUNITY LOS ANGELES.
  • Tickets must be purchased for this event as it’s a fundraiser.  Please RSVP after you have purchased tickets. Thanks.