Judging this year’s animation shorts, features and scripts are:

  • episodic director/showrunner Otis Brayboy,
  • animator David B Fain,
  • co-director of CalArts Experimental Animation program Maureen Furniss,
  • Production Designer / Director Paul Harrod,
  • Six Point Harness animation director Ron Myrick,
  • animation/comedy writer Jared Nigro,
  • award-winning filmmaker Joanna Priestley,
  • filmmaker and Cal State U. Long Beach faculty member Walter Santucci,
  • Oscar winning co-directors Alison Snowden and David Fine,
  • professor and independent filmmaker Sheila Sofian,
  • animation director & creator of Stick Figure Theater Robin Steele,
  • co-founder of FilmFest Distribution Nadav Streett,
  • pop culture journalist and author Pat Jankiewicz and
  • LAAF co-directors John Andrews and Miles Flanagan.