Wednesday March 7th 2012

7:30 PM


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Welcome to the FREE Opening Night Party – celebrating the start of LAAF 2012.  After a short mixer, there will be a 45 minute show in the theatre.  Our MC, Tom “Spongebob Squarepants” Kenny will introduce special guests, clips and trailers of films to be screened, in-between songs from our guests, all-girl band NYLON PINK ( the show, it’s back to a fun mixer event, with music from local DJ TUNA.This event is brought to you by Los Angeles Film School and One Plus Hub Productions.



Thursday March 8th 2012

7:15 PM


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For the first time in many years, a very rare public screening of the highly acclaimed “father of all anime” – AKIRA – personally selected by this year’s Artistic Director Sean Lennon. A special video introduction will precede the screening of the film.A secret military project endangers Neo-Tokyo when it turns a biker gang member into a rampaging psionic psychopath that only two kids and a group of psionics can stop.
10:15 PM


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From Europe and 2011′s ANIMAYO Festival, comes the smash hit DOS ROMBOS.  A collection of funny and erotic films, all directed by women.  Because of the nature of this program, this is absolutely FOR ADULTS ONLY.

Damian Perea, Director of the ANIMAYO International Film Festival will personally introduce the film. (Adults Only)



Friday March 9th 2012

7:30 PM

Charity Screening -IRON GIANT

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The all-time classic THE IRON GIANT comes to the big screen for one very big, very special celebration.  All ticket sales go to charity. Cast & crew reunion – featuring dir. BRAD BIRD (schedule permitting) and a panel hosted by well-known Animation Director Tom Sito including, (as of press time), Brad Booker – animator, Steve Markowski – storyboard, Mark Whiting – production designer, Eddie Rosas – animator, Alan Bodner – art director and Tad Gielow – computer engineer.  With actor CHRISTOPHER MCDONALD (voice of the very nasty Kent Mansley).  More names TBA




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MTV’s groundbreaking LIQUID TELEVISION spawned a host of outlandish and now very familiar figures – from Beavis & Butt-Head to Aeon Flux.  Now that LIQUID TV has been re-shaped into a brand new online destination, we are celebrating both its amazing legacy and future. Plus stay for the LIQUID TELEVISION/TITMOUSE sponsored after-party, featuring live music from all-girl rock group NYLON PINK (, ace DJ TUNA, and a TONGUE AND PENCIL comic event with Eric Andre, Andre Hyland, Katie Crown, Drennon Davis, and live animation.




Saturday March 10th 2012

12:00 NOON 

IRON GIANT - Family “Encore” Matinee

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Just for the family, kids and those who couldn’t make it to Friday’s Charity screening here is an old fashioned afternoon matinee of the classic THE IRON GIANT.  See it while you can – for its encore appearance on the big screen, in glorious 35mm!

And because it’s a matinee, tickets are reduced – only $8.

2:00 PM


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The most popular animation on YouTube, DICK FIGURES is a web sensation.  See the cast & crew on stage and see some of their bizarre, wacky animation on the big screen for the first time ever!  This event is sponsored by Six Point Harness, the studio which produces the series.  Panel will feature creator Ed Skudder and his partner in writing, voicing and editing the series Zack Keller.Expect some wild LAAF laffs!
4:00 PM


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Picked by Artistic Director, Sean Lennon, 1973′s FANTASTIC PLANET (La Planète Sauvage) is a beautifully designed, dream of a movie.  Unlike anything you will ever see and with the wall to wall soundtrack of master musician/composer  Alain Goraguer.We will be screening a beautiful 35mm print of the USA dubbed version.  A video introduction by Sean Lennon will precede the film.

Directed by René Laloux, production designed by Roland Topor, written by both of them and animated at Jiří Trnka Studio. The film was an international production between France and Czechoslovakia and was distributed in the United States by the great Roger Corman. It won the special jury prize at the 1973 Cannes Film Festival.

5:30 PM


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A special ASIFA Benefit Screening – open to all. The 1939 Fleischer Bros. Classic GULLIVER’S TRAVELS in a very rare and glorious 35mm print.This was the first American animated feature from a studio other than Disney. And the first animated film in which any actor’s voice is credited. At first Disney did not give screen credit to any of the actors who voiced the characters in his animated films.Plus the fantastic Fleischer Bros. “Superman” short MECHANICAL MONSTERS.”The idea of writing an action-adventure story featuring realistically rendered human characters in fantastic, albeit serious short subjects hadn’t been done before. The Fleischer SUPERMAN Series paved the way. Like the rest of this series, we rate it very high on the scale.” John T. RyanCome support ASIFA and enjoy some great and rare 35 mm animation on the big, big screen. 

7:30 PM


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We are pleased to present the WORLD THEATRICAL PREMIERE of ADVENTURES IN PLYMPTOONS – a wonderful and intimate documentary on the “King of the Independents” BILL PLYMPTON.Both BILL PLYMPTON and the Film’s Director, ALEXIA ANASTASIO will be on stage for a very lively Q&A.
We are also screening the very moving, true story of actress INGRID PITT’s struggle to survive the Holocaust as a child.
The 1st Annual Ingrid Pitt Memorial Award will be presented as part of this program
9:30 PM


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We are proud to screen the West Coast Premier of the outstanding and very funny new French animated musical A MONSTER IN PARIS.  Featuring music from Sean Lennon and the voice talents of Bob Balaban, Adam Goldberg and Danny Huston.Set in Paris in the year 1910 it centers on a monster who lives in a garden and his love for a beautiful, young singer.



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Come see the insanely funny TEAM AMERICA on the big screen in 35mm, with cast member and Talk Radio Comedy legend PHIL HENDRIE.Plus the film’s puppeteers live on-stage.
Not to be missed!



Sunday March 11th 2012

12:00 NOON


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A very special program. From the CAL-ARTS vaults come the early, rare works of directors JOHN LASSETER, ANDREW STANTON, PETE DOCTOR, HENRY SELICK, STEPHEN HILLENBERG, GENNDY TARTAKOVSKY, AND CRAIG MCCRACKEN  and a showcase of the work of recent graduates
2:00 PM


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A red carpet Gala event.  Celebrating (in conjunction with DreamWorks) the 10th Anniversary Animation Feature Oscar Win for SHREK.  With the film’s (and the entire series) producer Aron Warner on stage (with many special guests to be announced).
See the film in glorious 35mm on the big screen again.
An ogre, in order to regain his swamp, travels along with an annoying donkey in order to bring a princess to a scheming lord, wishing himself King.

4:00 PM


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2012 Oscar Nominee A CAT IN PARIS (French with English subtitles).  the French hit family film.  A thrilling mystery that unfurls in the alleys and on the rooftops of the French capital, Paris, over the course of one adventurous evening.Funny, thrilling, and beautifully designed.  A delight from start to finish.  See the original language version on the big screen while you can!
6:00 PM 


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The ANIME classic gets a rare big screen showing. Personally selected by LAAF 2012 Artistic Director SEAN LENNON, this emotionally powerful film should not be missed.This masterpiece of animation and storytelling covers the tragic tale of a young boy and his little sister’s struggle to survive in Japan during World War II.A video introduction precedes the screening.

THE TUNE & Awards Ceremony

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Celebrate the 20th Anniversary of Bill Plympton’s first feature length motion picture THE TUNE, with Bill in person.  Plus celebrate the last night of the festival with our AWARDS Ceremony, hosted by TOM KENNY.
11:00PM Festival ends. Thanks for coming!

Selected Films from the Contests will play as lead-ins to the main programs.

All guests and schedule subject to change.