Animation on The Edge sponsored by Liquid TV

  • Awakening — Amy Lee Ketchum


  • Magical Theater — Jovanna Tosello

TV Episode

  • A Very Pink Christmas — RGH Entertainment

Music Video

  • New Cannonball Blues — Maya Erdelyi

Feature Film 

  • A Monster in Paris

The Judges

Short Film

  • Jim Strader (Quattro Media)
  • Heather Kenyon (Citizen Skull)
  • Patricia Jausoro (Perfect Combo)
  • Greg Franklin (Creative Director, Six Point Harness)
  • John Andrews (Co-Director, LAAF)

Animation on the Edge

  • Richard Monahan MTV Digital/Liquid Television
  • Anna Whitehead (Titmouse)
  • Yvette Kaplan (Director)
  • John Andrews (Co-Director, LAAF)

Music Video, TV Episode and Feature Categories

  • Judged by the Festival Directors




The following selected films were played before features during LAAF 2012.

Animation on The Edge Selections
Gnomeland Security Ben Nabors  (excerpt plays before  Dick Figures/Metalocalypse Screening)
Zombie Dragonfly Discoteque — David Montgomery  (Plays before Grave of the Firefiles)
Awakening — Amy Lee Ketchum   (Plays before  Akira)
Magical Theater  — Jovanna Tosello   (Plays before Adventures in Plymptoons)

Short Selections
Hello Bambi — by Faiyaz Jafri  (Plays before Dos Rombos, “Two Diamonds”)
Ever Hear a Postman Whistle — Bexie Bush  (Plays before Shrek)
The Girl and the Fox — Tyler J. Kupferer (plays before A Cat in Paris)
Magical Theater  (see above)
Python in Wonderland –  Piotr Hoang Ngoc   (Plays before Team America)

Be Strong — Dir. Jon-Marc Balint



TV Episode
A Very Pink Christmas — RGH Entertainment (excerpt plays before Gullivers Travels)

Music Video
New Cannonball Blues  –  Maya Erdelyi  (plays before a Monster in Paris)
Plan of the City — Joshua Frankel  (excerpt plays before Fantastic Planet)
Choreography for Plastic Army Men — David B. Fain (play before Saturday iron Giant)